Zempasuchil Studios Set To Open on May 10, 2019

The studio, among the few independent muralist oriented studios, is looking inward to its native Oaxacans for inspiration. Local artists are refining and expanding Oaxacan art.
As time passes, more and more of Oaxaca is washed away with the fads of larger metropolitan areas, while economic pressure exalts negative influence over the originators of mural art.
Jesus Kobe Zempasuchil Miguel Angel Mendoza Melchor

Zempasuchil Announcement:

“La Cartita — A new Oaxaca based studio is set to open on May 10 of this year. The space is dedicated to Oaxaca artists and directed by Oaxaca native, Jesus Kobe. It lies near the history downtown of the city, with the murals adorning the outside walls being among the few allowed on an area so close to the downtown, historic center. The state and city government is notorious for clamping down on mural spaces despite the fact that the art itself is why so much tourism is generated in the city.”

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